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Conscious Recovery For People In Recovery

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  1. Introduction
    2 Topics
  3. Lesson One | Unresolved Trauma
    6 Topics
  4. Lesson Two | Spiritual Disconnection
    6 Topics
  5. Lesson Three | Toxic Shame
    6 Topics
  7. Lesson Four | Creating Safety
    6 Topics
  8. Lesson Five | Unlearning
    6 Topics
  9. Lesson Six | Practicing Spiritual Principles
    6 Topics
  11. Lesson Seven | Owning Your Power
    6 Topics
  12. Lesson Eight | The Great Remembering
    6 Topics
  13. Lesson Nine | Awakened Living
    6 Topics
  14. Additional Resources
    2 Topics
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Questions for journaling and further reflection:

  1. Have you had any unresolved trauma that has contributed to your addiction?
  2. What would happen if you were to let go of that unresolved pain?
  3. Have you or someone close to you ever experienced trauma? 
  4. What impact has it had on you?
  5. What lies have you been taught about your essential nature?
  6. How has that affected you and your addiction?
  7. What lies have you been taught about the world in which we live?
  8. How has that affected you and your addiction?
  9. In what ways did you create any negative beliefs about yourself as a result?
  10. What are those core false beliefs? 
  11. What would happen if you were to unlearn your core false beliefs?
  12. Have you ever used a strategy (something outside of yourself) to counter that? 
  13. Did the strategies work the way you had hoped?
  14. Are they still working, or did they eventually confirm your core false beliefs? 
  15. Have you engaged in any patterns of self-sabotage?
  16. Where does that come from?
  17. What can you do or be to change it?
  18. In what ways have you identified yourself as a victim?
  19. What effect has that had on you and your addiction?
  20. How can you create a space of safety to explore these issues and begin to heal from your traumas?