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Conscious Recovery For People In Recovery

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  1. Introduction
    2 Topics
  3. Lesson One | Unresolved Trauma
    6 Topics
  4. Lesson Two | Spiritual Disconnection
    6 Topics
  5. Lesson Three | Toxic Shame
    6 Topics
  7. Lesson Four | Creating Safety
    6 Topics
  8. Lesson Five | Unlearning
    6 Topics
  9. Lesson Six | Practicing Spiritual Principles
    6 Topics
  11. Lesson Seven | Owning Your Power
    6 Topics
  12. Lesson Eight | The Great Remembering
    6 Topics
  13. Lesson Nine | Awakened Living
    6 Topics
  14. Additional Resources
    2 Topics

Reading from chapter one of Conscious Recovery

If trauma has led us to walk around with a sense of brokenness, then we naturally turn to things outside ourselves to try to fix that feeling of brokenness. The trouble is, if we’ve allowed the trauma response to get buried in our subconscious, then it begins to run the show. The trauma defines us and colors all our experiences. We come to believe that we are, fundamentally, victims. Let me be clear: This does not mean that we weren’t victimized when the trauma happened. I’m not saying that the trauma you underwent was your responsibility, or your fault. Not at all. What I am saying is that, because of the trauma, we can sometimes take on the identity of a victim. We can sometimes start believing and saying things like “I am a victim,” which only concretizes this into our consciousness.

Releasing Statement

I honor and release my painful past.

Affirming Statement

I am strong and resilient.

Simple Meditation Practice

This lesson’s meditation is a walking meditation. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes (trust whatever feels like the right amount of time for you in this moment). Now walk in silence during your allotted time. The invitation is to simply notice your surroundings. See if there are aspects of your environment you have never seen. Do you see anything you’ve never noticed before? Do you now have a deeper appreciation for your space? Now, take a bit of time to write out or contemplate what you noticed.