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Conscious Creation

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Introduction To The M.O.V.I.E. Process

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What is Conscious Creation?

An excerpt from the book, Conscious Creation

Imagine you’re planting maple seeds. When you plant those seeds, you would expect a maple tree—correct? Wouldn’t it be irrational to expect an elm tree to grow? Or a palm tree? Or a Christmas tree? The seeds of our deepest beliefs are planted within us when we are very young. They come from our early experiences, from our parents, from traumatic events, even from seemingly benign situations. As we grow, those seeds are nurtured, watered, and fed by additional experiences. For example, if we start to believe at a young age that we are unlovable, and if that belief is nurtured by further experience, then the belief grows along with us, and by the time we are adults the kind of tree we have is an “I’m not lovable” tree. Given the seed and the way it’s been watered and fertilized, we can’t just think or “visualize” our way to another variety of tree. It takes deeper work.

Releasing Statement

I now release any ideas of lack and limitation.

Affirming Statement

I know I can create the life of my dreams.

Simple Meditation Practice

This section’s meditation is a sitting meditation. We invite you to find a comfortable place to sit. Set a timer for 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, simply be aware of the energy field that is at the core of your being. See if you can get in touch with an essential self that is beyond your physicality, thoughts, or emotions. Be gentle with yourself. In this meditation, there is no need to try to quiet the mind. Simply allow thoughts to come and go, and gently return your focus to the core of your being.