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Gabor agrees with the concept that we must have a bio-psycho-social view of human beings. This means that the biology, psychology, and sociology of humans cannot be separated. If we look at the mind, we must look at the body; if we look at the individual we must look at the environment. Gabor will incorporate this approach into this course, so that in your healing journey, you will gain the comprehensive approach needed to truly heal, not just attempt to treat your symptoms.

For example, antidepressants can help people, and Gabor is an advocate for their use when they are needed, but they do not address the whole issue. Depression can be caused when people push down their feelings as a coping mechanism, as a behavior that was learned early on. Antidepressants can address the problem on a surface level, but they don’t answer the question, “How are your learned behaviors from childhood manifesting today?” In Gabor’s case, because he has a fear of abandonment from being given away by his mother at a young age, he gets triggered by anything that resembles abandonment (Gabor discusses triggers more in Lesson Five). 

When you are aware of your learned behaviors and the factors in your life that have caused long-term stress, you have the capacity to address your problems on a deeper level. Understanding of our traumas and coping mechanisms gives us the capacity for true change. We can look at chronic stress or the illnesses they cause as a warning sign that we are misaligned with our true nature. 

There is an innate healing capacity in all living things. Gabor intends to teach us to respect and embrace our capacity to heal by sharing what he has learned.