Wholehearted is serving as the producer and publisher of the CADTP DUI MAT Outreach Programs. Wholehearted independently produces and distributes mental health and addiction recovery content that features some of the most influential thought leaders in the medical and counseling professions. Collaboratively alongside organizations like CADTP, Wholehearted aims to give platform to some of the most influential ideas in mental health so that for anyone seeking self-improvement, healing and education are within arm’s reach.

Working Together
CADTP has partnered with to help produce this very special series of presentations to showcase just a few of the impactful initiatives CADTP is spearheading to help our state. Wholehearted and CADTP strive to offer access to quality education and tools to provide the field with effective and rich opportunities to improve health and safety. The presenters in this booklet were selected by CADTP and appreciatively filmed and produced by

Continuing Education
The programs contained in this summit are available to be viewed and shared for free for your convenience. In addition, if you are a registered CADTP counselor, you can earn free continuing education credits. Wholehearted provides a free CE certificate for each one of these presentations. Course materials, exams, and certificates are available free of charge.