The Impact of Drugs on the Highway

Presented by Mark Stodola
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Polysubstance-impaired is very dangerous and poses a unique challenge to law enforcement. In this presentation, Probation Fellow Mark Stodola goes over the facts and figures associated with polysubstance-impaired driving, and then looks to the future at new technologies, testing methods, and policy-making criteria regarding the issue.

Substance-impaired driving poses a threat to public safety and is a complication for law enforcement. Most know about the monumental dangers of drunk driving; lesser known is the even greater safety risks associated with poysubstance-impaired driving. Polysubstance use dramatically increases the risk of being involved in vehicular accidents. In this presentation, Probation Fellow and Court Administrator Mark Stodola discusses the unique challenges associated with polysubstance-impaired driving and the current policy and healthcare implications involved with this new risky behavior.

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