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Residential Week 6: Change

Group Objective: To explore the power of life-changing moments and recognize the positive and negative impact of those moments.

Key Teaching Points: There are certain moments in our lives that have a profound impact. This group will provide an opportunity to reflect on one of those moments.

Materials Needed: Basic art supplies (paper, colored pencils, pastels, etc.)

Reading from Conscious Recovery: Have you ever realized that it’s time for a U-turn? Time to make a radical change in your life? Sometimes we find ourselves going in a direction in which we’re not content. When we recognize this, we generally make small adjustments in direction or maneuver slightly to change our trajectory. Most of the changes we make are small because we’re more comfortable with what’s familiar, and we don’t want to move too far into unfamiliar territory.

These small shifts can be valuable. Maybe we’re wanting more time for meditation, so we start getting up twenty minutes earlier. This gives us what we want without making a huge disruption in our lives. But occasionally we’re ready for a bigger, more significant shift. This is what I’m calling a U-turn. It’s not a subtle shift; it’s taking life in a distinctively different direction. Maybe we’re in a dead-end job or in an unhappy relationship, or we’re coming up against the limits of our addictive behavior. Whatever the circumstances, a U-turn is that moment not only of clarity but of courage and willingness to make a major change.

Those of us who have lived with addiction are familiar with the U-turn. For many of us it’s mandatory; our recovery will not work if we take only small and subtle turns. We need to turn it around completely. And we know that making the U-turn can be a process. It starts with the awareness that the change is necessary, but it doesn’t end there. The change won’t happen if all we have is the awareness. We also need the courage and the willingness to make the modification. And as we enter the change, we find that it is manifest in different ways in various areas of our lives.

Residential: Week 6 Group Outline Change

(10 minutes) Meditation

(10 minutes) Check-in: Everyone states their name an says something about change.

Review Shared Agreements

  • One Person Speaks at a Time

  • Confidentiality

  • Share the Air

  • No “Fixing”

  • “I” Statements

  • Feedback Upon Request

    (30 minutes) Group Activity (Art): Have each client draw a life-changing moment. (This can be “positive” or “negative.”)

    Ideally, they will spread out so no one else sees what they are drawing.

    When each client is finished, tape the drawings up on the wall without letting other clients see who drew it.

    (30 minutes) Group Process: One by one, have clients guess what the life- changing moment is and who drew it.

    After everyone guesses, have whoever drew it stand in front of the group and explain their drawing and share about the life-changing moment.

(Time Permitting) Group Discussion: How was that? Any insights? (10 minutes) Closing Process