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PEMS Meditation

This is an outline for a (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual) meditation. It is intended to offer a basic structure. You can simply read it verbatim or use your own style.

I invite you to sit in a comfortable and receptive position. Sit on the floor or in a chair with your spine as straight as you can make it. Now, begin to breathe in deeply, then exhale. Simply pay attention to how the breath moves into and out of your body. With each exhale, allow yourself to settle in, and open to this present moment experience. Begin by simply noticing any sounds or sensations you are experiencing in your environment. Take a few deep breaths in this present-moment awareness and simply notice. (Allow for at least 15 seconds of silence here.) Now, shift your awareness back to the breath. I invite you to consciously choose to slow your breath down. Now notice what happens as you choose these slower inhales and exhales.

Next we shift your awareness inward, starting to check in with yourself. Begin by checking in with yourself physically. Do you notice any tension in your body? As you breathe, with each exhale release that tension, gently. Allow your shoulders to drop, your jaw to soften, and trust that you can let go and feel supported in this very moment. Picture yourself really sinking into the floor or chair, and really give yourself permission to let go, and open up to this now moment.

Now, bring your attention to any thoughts that are present. And see if you can simply witness those thoughts without attaching to them. You might imagine them floating by on a cloud or coming and going as gently as a

wave. If your mind starts to wander, simply bring awareness back to your breath and begin witnessing the thoughts again.

Now, shift awareness into your heart region, becoming aware of the emotional inner landscape that is present in this moment. Breathe in and out again, keeping the focus on your heart. Do this for several moments. As you keep your attention on your heart, notice any emotions that are present. See if you can become intimate with the emotions and even make friends with whatever is present. Then ask yourself the question: “Does this emotion hold a message for me?”

Finally, shift awareness even more deeply inward, discovering that place within yourself that is still and calm. Simply allow yourself to settle into that place of inner spaciousness now as we take one minute together in the silence. (After One Minute) Now, slowly begin to bring your awareness back into the room and gently open your eyes.